The Next Generation of Localization Technology

Transifex Native redefines localization. Manage all your global content in one central place and save time on deployment. Embed it directly into your code and make localization a seamless part of the development lifecycle.

Introducing Transifex Native

An end-to-end, fully cloud-based localization stack that perfectly matches the Continuous Iteration/ Continuous Development workflow.

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Integrate localization in your code stack. Transifex Native is simple yet powerful.

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Manage and release all your content across languages & platforms at your own pace.

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Deliver fast and high-quality translations working with powerful tools.

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Continuous Development & Seamless Localization

Quick onboarding in your stack

Work directly on your codebase. No need for additional pulling of content. No need for intermediate files.

Own your development workflow

Add localization metadata in your code to grant more content insights than ever before. Transifex Native was designed from the ground up for agile engineering and localization.

Develop in parallel with your team

Increase your productivity. Empower your team collaboration. Work in parallel versions of the code without worrying about conflicts.

A central place to manage your content and releases

Intelligent string management

Your translators will have fewer strings to translate, letting you improve translation quality while saving on costs. Duplicate content between your web and mobile applications will become a thing of the past.

Unified markup to localize any application

Say goodbye to endless file formats. No matter if your team develops a mobile or web application, use the same language to identify & translate phrases. Transifex Native is following the ICU syntax regardless of your language.

Autonomy on releases and updates

Product and localization managers can now create, edit, and publish translations on the fly. Save on engineering resources and time for localization updates.

Powerful tools for editing and quality control

Rich context on all phrases

Deliver better translations faster. Leverage all the context that Transifex Native and the engineers provide. Tags, character limits and in-context view at your disposal in a powerful editor environment.

Sync localization & development work

Translate content with the proper priority on the most important feature that the engineers are working on. Transifex Native is granting you the ability to filter phrases by feature and developer.

Framework-specific SDKs

One of the main components of Native is the SDK. A Python SDK (also supports Django) and a JavaScript SDK are already available. As an Open Source project, developers can build on top of Transifex Native and create new SDKs, following this detailed porting guide.


Transifex Native Flow

Use a framework specific SDK that follows a universal localization syntax.

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Push and pull content directly between any environment and Transifex.

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Unified content management in Transifex using ICU syntax.

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Over the air translation delivery using a Content Delivery Service (CDS).

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Do you have more questions or just want to stay updated with all the news about Transifex Native? Why not take a look into our community page?

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