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Localization for Startups Infographic: What’s Getting Localized

With 55% of consumers preferring to only make purchases in their native language, 90% of B2B buyers conducting product research online before making purchases, and a $56.2 billion total global market size for language services by 2021, it’s clear that localization is more important than ever for startups trying to capture international customers.


To get educated and get started with startup localization, this infographic breaks down everything you need to know on the ‘why,’ ‘how,’ and ‘how much?’ of startup localization.


Download the first of this three-part Localization for Startups Infographic series to learn:  

  • Industry stats and benefits of localization,
  • Top channels and content being localized by startups,
  • Which languages you should be localizing into first,
  • Actionable ways to localize on a startup budget,
  • And more.


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